In a new development, has announced that its U.S. customers can now order from Grubhub directly through its shopping app and website. This expands on an existing deal that provides Amazon Prime members with free access to Grubhub+ membership, with no additional fees.

Under the agreement, Amazon Prime members will continue to have the opportunity to enjoy a free Grubhub+ membership, which is valued at $120 per year and includes free delivery on orders over $12.

Previously, Amazon already offered its U.S. Prime members no-fee access to Grubhub, which is owned by Just Eat Initially, the deal was set for one year in 2022, and then it was extended for another year in 2023.

With this new agreement, the Grubhub membership will be bundled with Prime and integrated into Amazon’s app and website. Amazon has also stated that this offer will be available to loyal Prime users every year moving forward, as long as they remain with Prime.
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