Bridgewater Associates Almost Quintupled Its Nvidia Stake in Q1

In the first quarter of this year, Bridgewater Associates, the asset management company founded by billionaire Ray Dalio, significantly increased its stake in AI hardware leader Nvidia. According to the firm’s 13-F form filed on Tuesday, Bridgewater nearly quintupled its position, ending the quarter with 636.6 million shares of Nvidia valued at around $582 billion based on Tuesday’s share price.

In addition to Nvidia, Bridgewater also invested in other AI hardware leaders such as Advanced Micro Devices and KLA. The firm’s major purchases in the tech space during the first quarter included 525 million Class A shares of Alphabet, nearly 316 million shares of Apple, and 247 million shares of Meta Platforms.

According to the 13-F form, Bridgewater Associates added over 503 million shares of Nvidia during the first quarter, along with increasing its stakes in several other tech giants. The firm’s Nvidia position now stands at 636.6 million shares, up from 133 million shares at the end of 2023. If the firm’s position remains unchanged since the end of the first quarter, it would be valued at approximately $582 billion based on Tuesday’s share price. Nvidia shares have seen an 85% increase year-to-date.

Nvidia’s prominence in the AI space, driven by the popularity of its hardware products, makes it a major player in the industry. This aligns with the significant investment trends in AI witnessed this year. Bridgewater Associates also made substantial bets early in the year on other companies associated with AI.
During the first quarter, Bridgewater, the investment firm led by Ray Dalio, made significant moves in the tech sector. It increased its holdings in chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to 122.6 million shares and semiconductor company KLA (KLAC) to 81.7 million shares. Bridgewater also made substantial investments in tech giants that stand to benefit from AI integration, such as Alphabet (GOOGL), with the firm purchasing nearly 525 million shares, bringing its total position to 810.3 million shares. Other notable purchases include 316 million shares of Apple (AAPL), 247 million shares of Meta Platforms (META), and 170 million shares of Microsoft (MSFT). Additionally, Bridgewater acquired a 189-million-share position in (AMZN). However, the first quarter also saw Bridgewater selling off some of its existing positions, including 91 million shares of Cisco Systems (CSCO), 87 million shares of Coca-Cola (KO), and 177 million shares of PDD Holdings (PDD).