China Travel: Top 10 most beautiful places to visit in China

In everyone’s heart, there is a beautiful scenery or the most beautiful feelings. Walk a section of unknown road, see a seasonal scenery; To warm the beauty and happiness of the moment in the heart, to the people who love to hear, share and love to see, this is the best trip.

There is always a journey in life, or a place to go at least once, or because of a love, or an encounter, or the quiet that the heart yearn for a long time. That, let us take a look, the domestic these several most beautiful human wonderland, have you in the heart of the world is worth it.

Sky Yao Pond. Jiuzhaigou
The sky Yao Chi moved Jiuzhai, the human wonderland in the ditch. If you have leisure in life, you must go to Jiuzhaigou to feel the charm of the ancient city, enjoy the mountains, lakes, waterfalls and peaks. Jiuzhaigou is located in a canyon in Zhangzha Town of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in the southern section of Minshan Mountain in western Sichuan. It is a large branch of the Baishui River. There are 99 Tibetan villages in the scenic spot, also known locally as “Heyao Jiuzhaigou”, where Tibetans have lived for generations, and later named “Jiuzhaigou” by the development team.

The most beautiful countryside. Wuyuan
On both sides of the Star River, it is the most beautiful township in China. Speaking of Wuyuan, it is natural to think of rape flowers there. Although the flowering period of this season has passed, the beauty of Wuyuan lies in every day of the year. “Half mu of square pond a mirror open, the sky, clouds and shadows wandering together, ask where the canal is so clear, for there is a source of living water”, Zhu Xi in the Southern Song Dynasty of Wuyuan hometown praise is more profound. Wuyuan has beautiful mountains and beautiful waters. Among the green mountains and clear waters, the ancient dwellings with eaves and corners are looming among the ancient trees and green forests, which are in harmony with the terraces and clouds, making them picturesque.

Ink Wonderland, Zhangjiajie
“Three thousand stone peaks pull up from the ground, eight hundred beautiful water around the mountain back”, as the saying goes, Jiuzhaigou see water, Zhangjiajie see mountains. Zhangjiajie is the first national geological forest park in China. It is located in Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie city, Hunan Province. It is composed of Huangshi Village, Jinbian Creek, Yuan Jiajie and other scenic spots. Thousands of stone peaks and mountains in the scenic area form a unique ink wonderland. The valley is filled with smoke, and the misty forest wonderland is as picturesque as magical beauty.

4, Fenglin Fairyland. Laojun Mountain
Far to the world Jing Hong banquet, a glimpse of the world. Many people climb to the top of Laojun Mountain overnight to eat a bowl of instant noodles. It is said that the instant noodles on the top of Laojun Mountain are very delicious. Haha, of course, this is just a joke word in Douyin. Laojunshan topped the list of top 10 scenic spots in China last year. Laojun Mountain, a famous Taoist mountain, is located in Song County, Henan province. It is said to be the place where Laozi, the founder of Taoism, retired. The beauty of Laojunshan is different throughout the year, with green peaks in spring, clouds in summer, forests in autumn and snow in winter. And the winter after the snow of Laojunshan, it is like a fairyland, covered in silver, rime ice hanging, Yushu Qianhua, sunrise blue sky, cloud sea sunset, place oneself in it, like Tianque.

5, show the world. Guilin landscape
People say, “Guilin has the best scenery in the world. We take a wooden boat, paddle the Lijiang River, to see the landscape of Guilin…
“A basin of landscape, a thousand years of world,” know Guilin is in the primary school Chinese textbook, learned a “Guilin landscape” text, can be called is the representative of China’s landscape scenery. On the back of the fifth set of 20 RMB is Guilin landscape as the background, the so-called “Guilin landscape is the world, Yangshuo landscape is the Guilin”, and the Li River is the main resource of Guilin landscape. The essence of its landscape also includes two caves: Reed Flute Rock and Seven stars rock, and three mountains: Duxiu Peak, Fubo Mountain and Diecai Mountain, which together constitute the beautiful landscape of Guilin.

6, the world’s first strange mountain. Huangshan Mountain
“Huangshan four thousand ren, thirty-two lotus peak. Dan Ya clamp stone pillars, handan golden lotus.” Since ancient times, Mount Huangshan has been praised by many scholars. The welcoming pine with its arms and branches has also been painted and hung in the hall by many people. It is one of the four unique trees of Mount Huangshan. It stands in front of Yuling Building, 1,660 meters above sea level, beside the hiking path north of Wenshu Cave, and is known as the “first pine in China”.

Sky City. Fanjing Mountain
In the Wuling Mountains there is a majestic peak, full of mysterious color, known as the “Pure land of Brahma.” In east Guizhou, there is Lingshan, called Fanjingshan, which has been quiet and beautiful between heaven and earth for one billion years. Fanjing Mountain is the main peak of the Wuling Mountains, standing proudly in the sky, fantastic scenery. Fanjing Mountain is a Buddhist ashram holy site in China with a cultural history of more than 2,000 years. A few days between dawn and dusk, Fanjing Mountain is known as a mountain with four seasons ten different days, Buddha light phantom, unpredictable.

8, Plateau pearl. Lugu Lake
Is there really a country of girls? Yes, it is in Lugu Lake, which is known as the Pearl of the Plateau. The magic Lugu Lake gave birth to the hard-working and kind Mosuo people. Liwubi Island in Lugu Lake is the earliest island inhabited by the Mosuo people on the lake. They have been carrying on the matriacial social culture and the custom of “men do not marry, women do not marry”. The shore of Lugu Lake is tortuous, densely forested, and many islets in the lake give a person with infinite long and daydream. It is a tempting pearl on the southwest plateau of our country.

The father of Tibet’s mountains. Nanga Bawa
Among the many peaks in Tibet, there is a sacred mountain that is covered with snow all the year round and never shows up easily. Many people have been there many times and always find it difficult to see one side. It is the sacred mountain “Nankyabwa Peak”, belongs to the Himalayan Mountains, is the highest peak in Nyingchi region of Tibet, it has another name called “Muzhobal Mountain”, Nankyabwa because of its huge triangular peak body and snow all year round, cloud shrouded, all day long, so it is called “Tibet’s most difficult peak”.

Mysterious lakes. The Kanas
The Kanas Lake monster, seen by 10 people many years ago, has long been considered a mystery, and so far, experts have been unable to provide a reasonable explanation. Located at the top of the mountains in northern Xinjiang, Kanas Lake is the deepest alpine lake in China. With snow-capped peaks standing high and green slopes and black forests, Kanas Lake and mountains are so beautiful that it is known as “fairland on earth and the garden of gods”.