China Travel:50 must-see attractions in China

National Geographic once selected the “50 must-visit scenic spots in China”, each of which is as beautiful as a picture scroll, covering many well-known scenic spots in China, including ancient cities, famous mountains, historic sites, and natural landscapes, etc. Whether it is leisure travel, or parent-child sightseeing, these scenic spots are not to be missed, to experience the unique beautiful scenery, enjoy the great rivers and mountains of China, and see the most beautiful tourist attractions in China. Let’s take a look at the 50 must-see spots in China!

Shangri-la, is a paradise of dreams, the hinterland of China’s “three rivers flowing in parallel”, with snow mountains, canoes, grasslands, alpine lakes, virgin forests and ethnic customs as one of the beautiful scenery, is also a paradise of China hiking.
Best time to visit: May to July and September to October are best.

2.Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan Province
Jiuzhaigou Valley, the first nature reserve with natural scenery as its main purpose in our country, is a gem left by nature for the world, and also a fairyland retained for us. Known as the “fairyland on earth”, the Yao Pool in the Heavenly Palace.
Best time to visit: September to October, November is the late autumn, Jiuzhaigou is the most brilliant period.

Xishuangbanna is the scenery representative of tropical rainforest in China and one of the three forests in Yunnan (stone forest, Yuanmo soil forest and tropical rainforest). In the land of 19,000 square kilometers, it is the center of 13 ethnic groups, mainly Dai ethnic group. It has 966.3 kilometers of border and is also the location of the only tropical rainforest nature reserve in China.
Best travel season: November to April of the next year for the best.

Guilin landscape is the best in the world, Yangshuo landscape is the best in Guilin, no mountain is better than painting, Yangshuo beauty is like a paradise on earth, mountains reflecting water, no water and no mountain is not enthused. Here you can talk and laugh loudly, no one pays attention to you, just enjoy the beauty of the place.
Best time to go: May to October, with the best months in July and August.

5.West Lake
The West Lake has been a tourist attraction in our country since ancient times. The West Lake broken bridge, Leifeng Pagoda, Su Causeway, wind lotus in Qu Yuan, autumn moon in flat Lake, twin peaks in the clouds and so on will make people forget to return and worry about it.
Best travel season: May and June are rainy, September, October for the best.

6.Erhai Lake
Erhai Lake is an inland lake in Yunnan. Because the inland area has not seen the sea, the local people call it “sea”. The famous landscape — Erhai Month. Everyone has a dream about wind, flowers, snow and moon in their hearts. In the soft time in Dali, they can be relaxed and carefree. They can daze in Erhai Beach or walk along Erhai Road by bicycle, and they can feel the beautiful natural picture here.
Best season to visit: May to November, the rest of the year is also good.

Daocheng Yading, I want to go there with my most beloved person,
See the blue sky, see the white snow mountains, see the golden grass, see an autumn fairy tale. This is the monologue of MAO X18 in Daocheng, which also makes love enveloped the whole Daocheng. The sacred snow-capped mountains and vast meadows gather together to form the last pure land on the blue planet.
Best months to visit: May to October.

Is our country the most beautiful village representative, especially here in the spring, the hills and fields of rape, well-preserved Hui-style architecture embellished, like a beautiful oil painting. When the flower season comes, it is known as the “four seas of flowers in China”, attracting many travelers and photography enthusiasts.
Best time to visit: March and April, November and December are the seasons to enjoy the red leaves.

There is a saying in Yili: You do not know the size of China until you reach Xinjiang, and you do not know the beauty of Xinjiang until you reach Yili. It is also the key point of the north Silk Road in China’s history, known as the good name of Jiangsouth beyond the Great Wall, and the hometown of fruits in China. The Tangbra Grassland, Sailimu Lake, Narati Grassland, Lin Zexu Memorial Hall and so on are all recommendable landscapes.
Best months to visit: June to October, when lavender is in full bloom; Apricot blossoms in July, and finally canola blossoms.

Zhalong, located in Heilongjiang Province of our country, is the largest red-crowned crane breeding ground in the world. The total number of red-crowned cranes in Zhalong accounts for about one-fifth of the total number in the world. Zhalong Wetland is also the first in Asia, the fourth in the world, and the largest reed wetland in the world.
When to visit: June to September.

For reasons of space, the top ten landscapes and regions are introduced first, followed by: Greater Hinggan Mountains, Wolong, Hulunbuir Grassland, Huangguoshu Waterfall, Hukou Waterfall, Mingsha Mountain, Urhe Devil City, Stone Forest, Mount Tai, Mount Huangshan, Mount Lushan, Namco, Qinghai Lake, Ali, Mount Qomolangma, K2 Peak, Gongga Mountain, Meilixue Mountain, Yalu Zangbo Grand Canyon, Shennongjia, Tengchong, Siguniang Mountain, The Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, Nujiang Grand Canyon, Lijiang Ancient City, Wuzhen, Ping Yao Ancient City, Zhouzhuang, Fenghuang Ancient City, Anhui Folk houses, Fujian Earth buildings, Kaiping Diaolou, Wanli Great Wall, Beijing Palace Museum, Dujiangyan, Suzhou gardens, Potala Palace, Yungang Grotches, Longmen Grotches, Dazu Stone carvings, etc.