Google to Adjust Vibrations on Pixel Phones Based on Surroundings

Google is working on a new feature for its Pixel phones that will adjust the strength of the vibrations based on the surroundings. This means that if you’re in a loud environment, the phone will vibrate stronger so you can feel it, and if you’re in a quiet setting, the vibrations will be lighter. This could help prevent missed calls and messages when your phone is on vibrate.
Google’s latest Android 15 beta for Pixel smartphones includes a new feature that uses the phone’s microphone and sensors to determine the surroundings. Screenshots have been posted by 9to5Google and Android Authority, showing a note that assures users that although the phone’s microphones and sensors are listening, no data is ever recorded.
Google is reportedly planning to introduce a new feature to its Pixel phones that will make it easier to block unwanted calls. However, it is unclear if this feature will be available on other Android devices or not. Google regularly updates its Android software to address common smartphone issues, making the devices more user-friendly. These updates might not attract much attention outside of the tech community, but they do improve the overall user experience.
to battery life. Additionally, Google is said to be working on a feature called “App Hibernation” that will automatically put unused apps to sleep, saving battery power and improving performance. These updates aim to enhance user experience and address common pain points in the Android ecosystem. With Android 15, Google is focusing on delivering a more seamless and efficient operating system for its users.
Apple is reportedly working on integrating satellite connectivity into their iPhones. This feature, which has been available on some iPhone models, allows users to make calls and send messages even when there’s no cellular network available. However, other companies have not yet adopted this technology.
her AI assistants. Additionally, iOS 18 is expected to bring improvements to privacy settings, allowing users to have more control over their data and better protect their privacy. Other potential features include enhanced multitasking capabilities, redesigned widgets, and improvements to Apple’s own apps such as Messages and Safari. As always, Apple is likely to showcase these updates at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which is scheduled to take place in June.