Investor Vijay Kedia decodes how markets, economy

Equity investor Vijay Kedia shares his insights on the current market and economic situation. According to Kedia, the market has already factored in the victory of the Modi government, which is why it is currently trading within a range. However, Kedia also warns that if there are any unfavorable outcomes on June 4, the market may experience a correction.

Kedia is known for his ability to identify promising stocks early on, and his equity portfolio currently exceeds Rs 1,600 crore. Some of the notable stocks in his portfolio include Tejas Networks, Atul Auto, Elecon Engineering, Neuland Laboratories, Sudarshan Chemicals, Mahindra Holidays & Resorts, Vaibhav Global, Patel Engineering, Global Vectra Helicorp, and Om Infra.
According to a market veteran, if Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government returns to power, significant reforms will be initiated right from the first month. Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has also emphasized that under PM Modi’s leadership, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government will prioritize reforms in land, capital, and digital infrastructure to drive India’s development, provided they secure another term in office. Sitharaman stated that these next-generation reforms would be the government’s top priority in its third term.

In an interview with Business Today, the market veteran also mentioned that sectors performing well currently would continue to thrive if Modi is re-elected. He predicted exponential growth in areas such as defense, power, infrastructure, and telecom, emphasizing that the next five years would present a golden opportunity for India.
Kedia expressed optimism about the future, stating that if we sow the seeds now, we can expect to reap the fruits in the next two decades. He believes that our country has the potential to become wealthier and may even surpass the expectations of organizations like the World Bank in terms of economic growth.