Japan’s Nikkei 225 share index surges to another record high, approaching 42,000

The Nikkei 225 share index in Japan closed at a new record high on Wednesday, rising by 0.6% to reach 41,831.99. This comes after Tuesday’s record close, with global markets following the upward trend on Wall Street. Throughout the day, the Nikkei 225 index reached an intraday high of 41,889.16, showing fluctuations but ultimately maintaining its upward trajectory. Over the past year, the benchmark has experienced a significant increase of nearly 30%, and in the past three months alone, it has risen by 5%. Investors are particularly attracted to technology-related stocks, fueled by growing optimism about the potential of artificial intelligence. Additionally, export-oriented companies have enjoyed substantial gains due to the weakened Japanese yen, resulting in higher profits.