Marcos Tells Soldiers to Prepare for ‘More Worrisome’ Threat

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has instructed the northern army unit to be prepared for any potential developments amidst the tensions between China and Taiwan. He emphasized that the Philippines is of significant interest to China due to its proximity to Taiwan. Marcos delivered this message to soldiers at Camp Melchor Dela Cruz in the province of Isabela, which is one of the four new sites that the US military can utilize under an expanded defense agreement. Additionally, the president warned of a “more worrisome” threat to the country, without providing further details. He reiterated his commitment to safeguarding Philippine territory and not yielding any land.
The Philippines finds itself in close proximity to two potential conflict areas in the region: Taiwan and the South China Sea. Tensions between Manila and Beijing have escalated over disputed waters, with the latest incident involving an alleged Chinese attempt to seize supplies and block a medical evacuation from a Philippine military outpost.

In response, Manila has defiantly declared that it will continue to maintain and supply its South China Sea outposts without seeking permission from any other nation. The Philippines has dismissed Beijing’s demand as “absurd, nonsense, and unacceptable.”

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