National Parks Service Issues Wildlife Warning in Funny, Viral Social Media Post

The National Parks Service (NPS) has taken a lighthearted approach to warning visitors about the dangers of interacting with wildlife at the parks.

In a recent post on X, the NPS shared a message of encouragement, possibly mixed with sarcasm, saying, “Believe in yourself like visitors who believe they can pet a bison.” This cleverly highlights the importance of safety while subtly poking fun at those who may get too close to animals.

The post quickly gained popularity, receiving over 4 million views and generating a strong response from social media followers who appreciated the helpful advice and had a good laugh.

While the post is humorous, it sheds light on a significant issue of people putting themselves at risk by getting too close to animals, particularly bison, caribou, and other large creatures, in an attempt to capture a selfie or photograph them in their natural habitat.

To further address this issue, the NPS followed up with another post, directing followers to a resource that provides safety tips and guidance on how to stay safe when encountering wildlife.
According to the NPS, many parks have rules stating that visitors must maintain a minimum distance of 25 yards from most wildlife and 100 yards from predators such as bears and wolves.

The guide also suggests that food should be properly sealed and stored to prevent animals from detecting it from a distance. The NPS also encourages visitors to report any encounters with wildlife, especially if the animal appears sick or behaves strangely.

Last summer, the NPS issued a wildlife warning and advisory for tourists following several incidents at Yellowstone National Park and Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

“The park staff wants to remind visitors that bison are large, powerful, and untamed animals. They can turn quickly and easily outrun humans,” the NPS stated in the alert.