Passengers took off their clothes and appeared to pass out when their flight was delayed in a 95-degree heat wave

A Qatar Airways Boeing 777 experienced a technical issue in Athens, resulting in a delay. The delay occurred during intense heat, with temperatures reaching 95 degrees. Passengers on board endured the high temperatures for three hours, as reported by local sources. Videos shared online depicted the challenging conditions, with passengers seen fanning themselves and one individual even removing his shirt due to excessive sweating. The incident involved Qatar Airways flight 204, which included athletes returning from a Muay Thai competition in Athens. According to a reporter from the Thai newspaper Matichon, who was on board the Boeing 777, the air conditioning system malfunctioned, leading to discomfort and passengers taking off their clothes to cope with the heat. These distressing moments were captured on Instagram by a sports therapist, highlighting the passengers’ efforts to cool themselves down by fanning.
According to a report, passengers on a plane were suffering from extreme dehydration and fainting. One video featured a fit athlete named Damian, emphasizing the distress and danger experienced by even healthy individuals. The Sun also obtained images of a shirtless man covered in sweat. After three hours, passengers were finally allowed to disembark from the plane, which arrived in Doha 16 hours later than scheduled, according to Flightradar24 data. This incident, which occurred during a heat wave in Athens, serves as a reminder of the potential challenges that airlines and passengers may face due to the climate crisis, which is leading to more frequent and intense heat waves. As a result, the Acropolis closed for five hours, schools were shut down, and garbage collection was suspended, with temperatures expected to reach 102 degrees.
In a statement to Business Insider, a spokesperson for Qatar Airways expressed sincere apologies to the passengers on flight QR204 from Athens (ATH) to Doha (DOH) on Monday, June 10, 2024. The delay was caused by a technical issue, and passengers were asked to disembark while the problem was resolved. Throughout the process, Qatar staff provided support to the passengers. Upon arrival in Doha, the airline ensured that affected passengers received full assistance to facilitate their onward connections to their final destinations.

The spokesperson emphasized that the safety and comfort of passengers and crew are of utmost importance and extended apologies to each passenger for the unexpected disruption and inconvenience caused. Furthermore, passengers have been informed about their entitlement to compensation in accordance with relevant regulations.