PC Maker Raspberry Pi Seen Pricing London IPO at Top End of Range

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Raspberry Pi, the British personal computer maker, is expected to price its London initial public offering at the top end of its range, according to Bloomberg. The company plans to raise approximately £179 million ($229 million) from the IPO at a price of £2.80 per share. The deal has already garnered significant interest from long-only investors and cornerstone investors. Raspberry Pi, known for its low-cost computers popular among hobbyists and educators, will begin trading on June 14, with a market capitalization of £540 million. This IPO provides a glimmer of hope for tech listings in London, which has lagged behind in this year’s IPO revival in Europe. It is also set to be the largest IPO in London since Air Astana JSC listed its global depositary receipts in February.
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