Rafael Nadal loses in first round, says ‘good chance’ 2024 was final French Open

In a surprising turn of events, Rafael Nadal of Spain expressed uncertainty about his future in the French Open after a disappointing loss to Germany’s Alexander Zverev in the first round. Despite his defeat, Nadal acknowledged that there is a “good chance” this could be his final appearance in the tournament. However, he made it clear that no official decision has been made at this time.

The 37-year-old tennis veteran, who celebrated his birthday on June 3rd, faced a tough challenge against the 27-year-old No. 4 seed. Zverev secured a victory with a score of 6-3, 7-6 (7-5), 6-3, showcasing his skills against the former champion.

Nadal’s ranking had dropped to 275th in the world due to injuries that plagued him over the past two years. Despite this setback, he has an impressive record of 14 titles in his 19 years of participation in the French Open, having lost only four times in 116 matches on the court.

Reflecting on his uncertain future, Nadal admitted, “It’s difficult for me to talk. I don’t know if it’s going to be the last time I am here. I am not 100% sure.” However, he expressed gratitude for his time in the tournament, saying, “If it’s the last time, I enjoyed it.”

Nadal’s unexpected defeat garnered attention from fans and the tennis community alike. The Roland-Garros, which has been hosting the tournament for 133 years, took to social media in the early afternoon to praise Nadal for his contributions to the sport.
On X, a post with a video of Nadal swiftly moving around and swiftly departing after his match was captioned, “There are no words.”

Nadal expressed his gratitude by stating, “Merci, Rafa.”

Looking ahead, Nadal has his sights set on returning to Paris in late July to compete in the Olympics.