Sen. John Fetterman ‘at fault’ for recent car accident, police report reveals

According to a report from the Maryland State Police, Sen. John Fetterman from Pennsylvania was found to be at fault for a car accident that occurred on Sunday. The report states that Fetterman was driving at a high rate of speed, well above the posted speed limit, when he rear-ended another vehicle on I-70 in northwest Maryland. Both Fetterman, his wife, and the other driver were taken to the hospital. The report also mentioned that neither Fetterman nor the other driver were tested for alcohol or substance use. At this time, no citations have been given, and an investigation is still ongoing. There has been no comment from Fetterman’s spokesperson as of Wednesday.
Both vehicles involved in the accident were towed from the scene, and Fetterman, his wife Gisele Fetterman, and the other car’s driver, a 62-year-old woman from Pennsylvania, were transported to War Memorial Hospital in West Virginia by ambulances.

USA TODAY made attempts to contact the witness and the other driver involved in the accident but was unable to reach them on Wednesday. While the names of the woman who was hit by Fetterman and the witness were included in the public police record, USA TODAY has chosen not to publish them in order to protect personal privacy.

According to a spokesperson for the senator, Fetterman was treated for a bruised shoulder. The couple was discharged on Sunday afternoon and expressed their gratitude to supporters in a video posted on X. Fetterman wrote, “Although it wasn’t the best way to spend our 16th wedding anniversary, we’re doing well and happy to be back home in Braddock with the family.”
Since 2023, Fetterman has held the position of junior senator representing Pennsylvania. Prior to this role, he served as the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania and as the mayor of Braddock, a town located near Pittsburgh.