In a matchup between Caitlin Clark and the Indiana Fever against the Los Angeles Sparks at Gainbridge Fieldhouse, Clark achieved a new career high of 30 points. However, she struggled with turnovers, committing seven throughout the game, and only made three of her 10 three-point attempts. Despite Clark’s impressive performance, the Sparks ultimately emerged victorious with an 88-82 win.

Although the Fever’s record stands at 1-7 this season and Clark has yet to replicate her record-breaking scoring performances from her time at Iowa, there are glimpses of her potential. One notable moment came in the second quarter when she displayed an exciting sequence of events. Clark blocked Li Yueru’s shot, recovered the ball, advanced it up the court, and executed a well-placed cross-court pass before receiving the ball back and sinking a deep three-pointer. This particular sequence was arguably the highlight of her early WNBA career.

Despite a slightly below-average shooting performance, with a 7-of-16 field goal conversion rate, Clark continued to attract significant attention from the opposing team throughout the game. This was evident when Los Angeles guard Aari McDonald attempted to defend her even during a free throw attempt, showcasing the respect and recognition Clark has garnered in the league.
McDonald stepped up to the free throw line, ready to take two shots. She successfully made the first one, but her focus was so consumed by guarding Clark as she made her way down the court that she completely forgot about her second shot.

This incident perfectly illustrates the magnetic effect that Caitlin Clark has on her opponents. She demands so much attention that she can make an opposing player forget about a fundamental aspect of the game like shooting a free throw. It’s a rare sight to see on the basketball court.

In addition to this remarkable incident, Clark also had an outstanding performance throughout the game. She made an impressive 13 out of 15 free throws, showcasing her accuracy from the line. Alongside her scoring prowess, Clark also contributed six assists, five rebounds, three steals, and three blocks, rounding out an impressive stat line for the game.