Sun’s DiJonai Carrington Ruthlessly Mocked Caitlin Clark for Flopping

Caitlin Clark’s ability to draw fouls is a crucial part of her offensive strategy, sometimes leading her to exaggerate contact from defenders in order to get a call from the officials.

During Monday’s game between the Indiana Fever and Connecticut Sun, Clark was awarded a foul when DiJonai Carrington was ruled to have reached in while attempting to steal the ball.

Carrington strongly disagreed with the referees’ decision and made it clear that she believed Clark had flopped on the play. After hearing the whistle and seeing the foul called against her, Carrington humorously mimicked Clark’s exaggerated actions.

It appeared that Carrington made contact with Clark while she was driving to the basket, which prompted the referee to blow the whistle. However, Carrington expressed her frustration to the official, indicating that Clark had faked the contact with a flop.
In the end, Carrington and the Sun emerged victorious, earning an 89-72 win on their home turf. This was their third triumph over Indiana this season. Clark had a tough game, recording a game-worst -30 rating and only scoring 10 points. On the other hand, Carrington excelled, leading all scorers with an impressive 22 points.

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