Taklimakan Desert self-help tour strategy: challenge the natural limit of the wonderful adventure

On the vast land of Xinjiang, there is a golden gem inlaid — Taklimakan Desert. The largest desert in China, the 10th largest desert in the world, attracts many tourists with its unique attraction. This article will give you a detailed self-guided tour of the Taklimakan Desert, allowing you to travel unimpeded in the golden Sea. First of all, it is important to know the topography and climate of the desert. The topography of the Taklimakan Desert is very complex. Due to the effect of wind sand, the shifting sand area here is the largest in the world.
Here perennial wind and sand, wind and sand raging, sparsely populated, one after another pyramid-shaped dunes, in this vast land, stands one after another pyramid. Therefore, before setting out, we must first figure out the route and be familiar with the terrain, so as not to get lost.
In addition, since the weather in desert areas is relatively dry and the temperature is relatively high during the day and night, tourists should prepare sunscreen products, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, plenty of water and warm clothes. When you bring these things, you must bring sandproof shoes, a kettle, a tent and a sleeping bag. A sand-proof boot will keep your feet from scratches, and a bottle of mineral water will keep you drinking in the desert. With a tent, sleeping bag, etc., you can spend the night in this desert.
In addition, adequate nutrition is also important, especially in places where food resources are scarce. We recommend that you pack energy supplements that are easy to store, such as nuts and energy bars.

In travel planning, it is very important to choose the right entrance and exit and make a reasonable path. Taklimakan Desert has many entrances and exits, you can from Korla, Weili, Lantai three directions to enter. Please choose the best channel for you according to your actual situation and your schedule. When planning your trip, try to stay close to the edge of the desert, so that you can avoid going deep into the desert and encountering danger.
In addition, to ensure your physical and mental health, leave enough space to rest and recharge. Be sure to find an experienced guide when crossing the desert. They have a good understanding of the geographical environment and climate characteristics of desert areas, and can give you professional guidance to ensure your safe journey. You can find a guide on the Internet or on the website of a travel agent, and contact them in advance for the arrangement of Tours and fees.
In the Taklimakan Desert, you can not only enjoy spectacular views of the dunes, but also participate in a variety of desert sports. For example, you can try a desert walk, riding a dirt bike or a beach bike across the desert, and experience the feeling of excitement and freedom.
If you want to hike, you can also explore the desert and experience the wonderful charm of nature. In addition, you must go to camp in the desert, under the quiet stars, experience the charm of nature. When walking in the desert, you should also pay attention to safety. Due to the complex desert terrain and lack of water and food, visitors need to be vigilant to avoid getting lost or having accidents. In this process, local customs should be respected, and debris should not be discarded at will or plants should not be destroyed.
Last but not least, plan the location of hotels and gas stations in advance. When traveling in the desert, you have to replenish your energy and rest at all times, so proper shelter and supplies are very important. You can choose to stay at a desert post or camp, and make sure you have plenty of water and food. In the setting of gas stations, you can know the location of gas stations, supermarkets and other gas stations in advance, so that you can get supplies and energy in time. In general, the self-guided tour in the Taklimakan Desert is both challenging and interesting. As long as you are fully prepared, you can roam freely in this sea of gold, which will leave you with indelible memories.