Trump says Biden will be ‘worthy debater’ after previously attacking mental fitness

President Donald Trump is adjusting his expectations for the upcoming debate with President Joe Biden, acknowledging that Biden may be a formidable opponent despite his previous criticisms of him. In a recent podcast episode, Trump praised Biden’s performance in a past vice-presidential debate against Paul Ryan, noting that Biden outperformed Ryan and proved himself to be a strong debater. Trump emphasized that he does not want to underestimate Biden, recognizing his potential as a skilled debater.
In a surprising turn of events, Trump has made remarks that contradict his previous statements. His campaign advisers have expressed concerns that Biden may outperform him in the upcoming debate, as expectations for Biden have been set low. However, Trump himself has contributed to these discussions.

On social media, Trump criticized Biden, calling him the worst debater he has ever faced and claiming that Biden struggles to form coherent sentences. Trump also suggested having more than two debates in large venues to increase excitement, insinuating that Biden is afraid of crowds.

Furthermore, Trump called for Biden to undergo a drug test before the debates, implying that any strong performance by Biden would be due to some kind of performance-enhancing substance.
During a campaign event in Michigan last month, Trump made a statement expressing his intention to demand a drug test. He claimed that Biden appeared to be high during his State of the Union address, although these claims were baseless. Trump even suggested that Biden could be replaced as the Democratic nominee if he performed poorly in the debate, jokingly stating that he would intentionally lose the debate to ensure Biden’s continuation in the race. These remarks were made during an interview with Real America’s Voices on the same day he met with Congressional Republicans.
As the Biden-Trump debates draw near, Trump has begun sowing doubt among his supporters about ways in which Biden could surpass expectations. He has expressed concerns about the logistics of the first debate and potential media bias, specifically targeting debate moderators Dana Bash and Jake Tapper from CNN, the network hosting the debate. Trump has labeled CNN as “fake news” and criticized the fairness of the moderators. Additionally, Trump has continued to attack Biden’s mental fitness, stating that he may be debating three people instead of just one-half of a person. Furthermore, Trump has suggested that Biden’s measure of success will be based on mere completion rather than performance.
During a speech at an NRA Convention in Dallas last month, Trump stated that if he is standing during the debate, people will praise his performance as brilliant.

As the second debate approaches on Thursday, both candidates have chosen different methods of preparation. Biden is staying at Camp David, engaging in mock debates, and working with his advisers to fine-tune his message. On the other hand, Trump has been holding policy meetings with potential vice presidential candidates and former officials from his administration.

The second debate, which will be hosted by ABC, is scheduled to air on September 10th.